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What is a Bi-polar Electric Fence energiser?

  • A Bi-polar electric fence is wired in such a way the each and every strand on the fence has a potential {Has Voltage}
  • A Bi-polar fence is an all-live wire fence.
    How the System Works
  • Bi-polar energisers installed correctly, has the ability of the unit to pulse simultaneously a synchronised monitored positive and negative pulse with respect to earth, results in a perpetrator receiving a shock from any wire in the system, and the double power shock across any two wires.

    What are Uni-polar Energisers and what is the Shortfalls between Uni-Polar & Bi-polar?
  • A Uni-polar energisers are designed in such a way that only every second strand has potential, {every alternating strand is live}
  • So only 50% of a Uni-polar fence installation has strands that have voltage.
  • Uni-polar energiser's are prone to a higher degree of intermittent arcing especially when installed within close proximity to the ocean
  • Uni-polar Systems require adequate Earth points at regular intervals to run optimally.

    Bi-Polar Advantages
  • A massive plus factor of bi-polar systems eliminates the annoying arcing experienced in coastal or dusty areas.
  • A Bi-polar system offers you a 100% increase in protection level
  • Bi-polar energiser are not reliant on good earth point to run the fence optimally

  • Both systems offer excellent protection.
  • Uni-Polar systems are lest costly to produce.
  • Bi-polar energisers a priced higher due to the system configuration
  • Both systems offer all the same electronic monitoring features

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