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What is Electric Fencing?

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals or people from crossing a boundary.
The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from uncomfortable, to painful or even lethal, this is the real value of electric fencing, it puts an immediate stop to low level crime and vandalism.
Most electric fencing is frequently used to enhance security of sensitive areas.

Electric security fencing is still one of the most effective forms of physical security, combining a strong deterring influence with the ability to monitor fence line activity twenty-four hours a day

Guarantees & quality of workmanship assurances

The Electric Fencing Company installs a minim six-strand {6-wires} electric fencing as our preferred entry-level wall top security, as this offers a higher level of security, even numbered strands have all the strands monitored against cutting.
All fences are wired in series; any strands of HT cabling that is cut through will trigger the alarm

All sliding gates are connected into sliding gate contacts, these contacts offer monitoring of all strands on the fence against cutting. An inline gate contact is always used.

All Conductor wiring minimal thickness is 1.2mm in thickness, and is 316 grade Stainless Steel, all wiring is certified in writing as C1 marine grade, and certification can be provided upon request.

All wiring bridging, loops and connections are rolled and connected with the correct non-electrolytic ferrules; this insures a safe, compliant and permanent connection along the conductor, loops and HT connections. Ferrules offer a permanent connection that cannot be removed, therein enhancing the security level of all our installations.

Earthing is done using compliant SABS specified earth spikes, these spike are driven into the soil to minimum depth of 1200mm

All Brackets are installed no more than 3.5 meters apart. 
This is to ensure that the fence cannot be lifted and breached, any sections that need to be spanned more than 3.5 meters will be equipped with anti-creep alarm loops, this will negate any breach and still offer the high standard of Security

All Brackets are fastened to concrete & brick walled structures with non-corroding anti-Vandal fasteners, these fasteners cannot be removed once installed.

Warning Signage is installed within compliance roughly every ten meters.

All new energisers come with a two year warranty
All installed energisers conform to the standards set out by the IEC 60355-2-76, CISPR 14 and EN 6100.

All workmanship is done within the strict SABS code of practice {SABS 0222-5-1-1-2}

All steelwork is galvanised in accordance with SABS ISO 1461OF2000 Standards, ideal for costal use

All installation are done within strict accordance with the SABS standards and the current occupational health and safety regulations

All workmanship is guaranteed for twenty four months.

Basic Workings of an Electric Fence.

The technology works quite simply by monitoring the voltage applied to a wire grid consisting of alternate live/live & live and earth wires. If an intruder cuts the wiring, tampers with or tries to climbs the fence an alarm will activate.
Electric fences are designed to create an electrical circuit when touched by a person or animal.
A component called a energiser converts power into a brief high voltage pulse. One terminal of the power energizer releases a high-voltage electrical pulse along a non-insulated conductor wire.
Another terminal is connected to a metal rod implanted in the earth, called a ground or earth rod.
A person or animal touching the wire will complete an electrical circuit the electrical pulse
passes from the electrified wire through the person or animal, through the soil moisture to the earth peg and then to the energiser.
In either instance, once the person or animal closes the circuit they gets shocked in the process.

These systems are commonly known as “Live Earth systems” or Uni-Polar

The effects of the electrical shock depend upon the joule rating & the electrical current used, and the degree of contact between the animal and the fence or ground; it can range from uncomfortable to painful.

Animal Containment.

Agriculture, electric fences are used to keep animals in or out of an area. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, depending on terrain, location and animals to be confined. Most agricultural fencing averages about 1.5 metres (about 4 feet) high, and in some places, the height and construction of fences designed to hold livestock

Pet Containment .

  • Our Pet Containment systems are designed to give you peace of mind whilst letting your pets enjoy the full extent of your garden/estate.
  • It removes the worry caused by straying, potential road accidents, chasing livestock or bothering neighbours.
  • The system causes no harm to your pets and is effective for any number of animals.
  • You can also create a 'pet free zone' around specific dangerous areas such as driveways, gardens and ponds and even specific rooms in the house
  • The Electric Fence Company will offer you a complete range of electric fencing for all situations from small plots and gardens to large acreage fields.
  • With both permanent and temporary systems available and our expert advice we can design the correct fencing system for your needs.

Pet Containment Integration and Design uniqueness.

  • The Electric Fence Company Designs animal/Pet containment systems that integrate into existing Security electric fencing
  • Our systems offer the unique advantage, whereby animal/Pet containment systems can be implemented and run from an existing security electric fence system.
  • The system is designed in such a way as to offer all the major benefits of a animal/Pet containment system without compromising on the security of your electric fence!

We are currently offering an unbelievable special offer on 6-strand Wall top electric fencing

  • All Brackets are hot dipped Galvanised
  • 1.2mm 316 grade Stainless Steel Wire
  • Stainless steel fittings and Fasteners.
  • Warning Signage
  • Anti-Vandal bracket fasteners.
  • 4.0 Joule Energiser.
  • All installation done within strict accordance with the SABS standards and the current occupational health and safety regulations.
  • 12 month guarantee on all special offer installations.


  • Wireless activation & Deactivation of your electric fence system.
  • SMS notification.
  • LCD Keypad.
  • Multi-Zone Systems.
    System upgrades and more...

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Electric Fencing Systems and Features.

All electric security fencing in South Africa is Non-lethal, international standards have been developed to guide manufacturers of electric fence equipment this ensure compliance with these safety basics.
However although electrical fencing is Non-lethal, it can cause harm if not correctly installed.

6-strand electric fencing bracketTypes
There are generally two types of electric security fencing configurations.
Fence/Wall top
This type of installation involves brackets, with insulates attached, that are fixed to the top of an existing wall or fencing structure, these brackets are range from three and can exceed twelve strands of electric fencing