Electric Fencing More.
Your system can be upgrade with additional features:

  • Wireless Control.
    A wireless remote control to activate and deactivate your system, this is simply done by clipping a wireless module into your energiser. Two secure frequency hopping remote push button transmitters will be supplied; these units offer simple arming/disarming the system with the push of a button

  • SMS Notification
    Very much like the wireless control system, a GSM module is programmed into your electric fence system, a “pay as you go” sim card inserted, and the module is programmed with up to three separate cell phone recipients. The recipient/s will receive information on “Power Failure, Armed/Disarmed Status, and Alarm Activation”. The recipient can also control the entire System From his/her cell phone.

  • LCD Key Pad
    The energisers offer Remote control and activation via a LCD Keypad, the keypad offers a secure 4-digit pin code to control the system, the Keypad offers numerous benefits of system diagnostics, fence condition monitoring, buck up battery health and alto more.

  • Multi-Zone Systems
    We can offer you multi zone systems; a multi-zone is more than one monitored fence zone, if you require separated fence zone to identify where alarm activation has occurred we can offer you this be simple breaking you fence up into separate zone with the use of multiple zone energisers.

Please contact us Direcly for further information on these upgrades.