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How the electric fence system works!

  • The system works by sending a high-voltage electrical pulse around a multi-wire perimeter fence, the potential involved may be on the order of 2,500 to 12,000 volts, the current is limited to a safe level and the actual pulse lasts only milliseconds.
  • The source of the high-voltage electrical pulse is an electric fence "energiser"
  • When an individual trying to breach the fence, comes into contact with the fence by climbing over/under, the "Live" fence will become part of an electrical circuit between the output terminals of an energiser, a high voltage pulse will flow through the body of the individual to the closest earth, leaving the perpetrator temporarily incapacitated.
  • The strength of the shock depends upon the power available from the energiser, and the total resistance of the circuit.
  • Electric Fencing not only offers effective protection but also a psychological deterrent, if the fence wires are deflected by vertical movement, contacting strands either side or cutting the strands, the system will cause a short circuit on the fence line, and trigger the alarm, giving an audible and visual indication of a fence breach.
  • The fence controller is a monitored alarm system; the fences can be zoned for easier detection of breaching.
  • False alarms are virtually non-existent, as the fence will only go into alarm when a concerted effort is made to break the perimeter security.
  • Our existing clients have reported the system as paying for itself within twelve months of installation.
  • To date this system has proven to be a very reliable and highly effective security system. In sites previously subjected to a number of attacks the system has eliminated all losses and in some cases removed the need for a resident security guard.
  • The system is capable of protecting and controlling anywhere from one to 100+ zones each of 50-150 meters in distance. This provides a very flexible solution for most requirements.


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