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Perimeter Security

 Electric Fencing Cape Town | The Electric Fence Company has gained more than 25+ years of field experience in perimeter security, from simple to some of the most demanding & sophisticated projects to date. We have developed cutting edge products and have continually been extending our innovated product line, using high technological skills and technical know-how, we have the capabilities to design any solution. The research & investment in new technologies has enabled The Electric Fence Company to offer its customers top tier innovations in security solutions.



CCTV Surveillance Systems

A correctly installed CCTV surveillance system adds additional value to security by protecting you, your family and your property, CCTV cameras are a huge deterrent, enabling you to monitor your property or your business 24/7 the silent witness can be simply integrated into your alarm, access control system and your electric fence offering you real time alerts and access to your cameras from any smartphone anywhere in the world. We provide CCTV camera solutions to fit all applications, we can offer you the best solution for your needs and budget with a minimum technological life span of 5+years





Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems Cape Town | Access control systems control who goes where and who has access to a door, building, facility, or a “authorized persons only” area. Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again. Electronic tokens, cards and biometrics are issued to allow access through controlled points and tokens are easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen, not returned. Additionally, an access control system can offer you more functionality by integrating with Smart phone biometrics and other security systems..





Maintenance, Servicing and System Integration

Maintenance and Servicing of all our featured services and product disciplines, including Compliance certification on all electric fencing systems, We offer a full service maintenance solutions across all of our product platforms, service level agreements are offered a preventative and break-x maintenance solutions, System integration is offered as a component, allowing the ability to view and control all facets of your security systems. We have an expert team of project planners to design and implement multi-disciplinary security solutions

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