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  • Does an electric fence consume alot of electricity is it exspensive to run?
    No an electric fence energiser is a very efficient electronic device, the averages energiser uses 18-watts of Power which would equate to R150-R200 of electricity per year
  • Could an Intruder climb over an electric fence by placing a rubber mat/blanket over the wires?
    This answer is invariable dependent on the fence design and installation thereof, if a system has not been correctly designed or incorrectly installed then this is probable. However a system that is designed correctly with adequate height and quality products and installed with SANS 10222-3 and SANS 60335-2-76 guidelines then the likelihood of getting over the fence without triggering the alarm is unlikely. {we are not saying it cannot be done, but over the past 20+ years we are not aware of any of our installations that have been breached}
  • What happens if the wires are cut, or spread apart?"
    CUTTING: Once installed, all electric fencing strands are under tension with the use of dynamic tension devices like compression springs, and all the live wires are monitored by the fence system, so If a strand is cut three things will happen, the strand will fall away and will likely create an earth fault, or come into contact with one of the other stands and create a system fault, and if a live strand is cut then the system will monitor no return on all three scenarios will trigger an alarm event SPREADDING: Once installed, all electric fencing strands are under tension with the use of dynamic tension devices like compression springs, so by spreading the strands will invariable intersect with other strands on the fence creating a fault triggering the system into alarm
  • Should my system run 24/7 or do I only switch in on when I go out or at night?
    YES you should ideally run your electric fence 24/7 An electric fence system is designed to run "24/7 365" there is no advantage of running your system only when you go out or at night, by running your system 24/7 you have the advantage of 24/7 security, and should there be an anomaly then you would be instantly aware, and there will almost be no noticeable difference in your electrical consumption by having your system in standby mode for 12 hours out of 24. All well engineered energisers can run in excess of 10+ years 24/7 a day without any problems.
  • Can my electric fence be conected into my alarm system?
    YES, it is a very simple procedure to have your electric fence as a zone within your alarm system, this can be hard wire or a wireless link. Your electric fencing system come equipped standard with its own siren and acts as a standalone perimeter alarm system, there are additional options we can offer for monitoring of your system, give us a call to get some more information on these options.
  • Do I require a certificate of compliance and what are the advantages of a certificate?
    A, non-compliant electric fence installations place homeowners at risk of being legally liable for any injuries inflicted upon others, including intruders, if an intruder gets tangled in your fence wires and has a heart attack, you could be held civilly and criminally liable for injuries. YES Set out in the regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, an electric fence COC verifies that the electrical work on your electric fence is up to date with the regulations required by the South African National Standards (SANS 10222-3:2012). Laying out the law for implementing prescribed electrical work, a COC warrants that the public is protected from dangerous shocks, and it also prevents radio and satellite interference caused by poorly installed energizers and poor earthing. An electric fence certificate of compliance protects homeowner by specifying minimum fencing material quality and acceptable erection standards. Fundamentally, it will ensure that if a fire breaks out or if someone is injured, you are covered.
  • IF I am selling my House, do I require a Certificate of Compliance even if my system was installed prior to 2010?"
    YES, if you’re about to put your property on the market, or have sold your property even though your fence was installed prior to 2010, you will be required to have valid Electric Fence COC
  • Can a COC be transfered and how long is a COC valid for
    YES an electric fencing certificate of compliance can be transferred to the new home owner as long as it is with in its 24-month window of validity from date of issue
  • What does an Electric Fence certificate of compliance cost?
    The cost of the electric fence compliance certificate will cost ± R600.00. This however only covers the cost of the certificate and excludes any inspection call out, or any compliance requirements/repair work that may need to be done on the premises. should there be certain repairs or requirements to be compliant, a quote will be presented and these costs fall outside the standard certification cost as noted above.
  • Is an electric fence dangerous, can it be lethal?"
    The perception is that electric fencing is Non-Lethal. All the electric fence energiser that are SANS compliant “pulse”, on/off every second and therefore are termed a “non-lethal” electric fence. If an individual or an animal comes into contact with the live conductor a high-voltage shock of between 4000-10 000 volts at no more than 8.0 joules will pass through the animal or individual However, it is assumed that “non-lethal” means exactly that, and this term is deceptive, an incorrectly installed electric fence can be lethal.
  • What happens during load shedding or unforeseen power failures, does my system still function?"
    All systems installed by The Electric Fence Company are equiped with back up batteries, so in this event your batery back up takes over the running of the fence. However excessive load shedding has an impact on the efficiency and the lifespan of your back up battery, the back-up battery is designed for occasional power outages, and initially can offer up to 7-hrs of continual back up. When the mains supply comes back online it can take your system up to 12 hours to fully re-charge the back-up battery to its ideal holding charge. Back up batteries that do not have the opportunity to fully charge become permanently damaged from excessive power outages, and have to be replaced often.
  • Can an electric fence run on Solar panels?
    YES Yes this is a very easy transition from mains to Solar power, all our energisers are Solar ready! TALK TO US we are accredited solar power solutions Installers and can assist in any Solar power solution requirements.
  • Do trees and foliage effect an electric fence?
    If foliage and leaves inadvertently come into contact with a fence, the electrical pulse will “wilt and blacken” the leaves this will not interfere with the workings of the system, however, if foliage growth like granadilla and ivy start to creep and grow into the fence then this will interfere with the workings and efficiency of the system and over time will damage the fence. Also Tree lines that are low and branches that are not trimmed or left unchecked will grow over and into the strands and will cause damage to your system and unnecessary down lime and call outs to maintenance. This is part and parcel or owning and maintain your system.
  • What is your minimum warrantee and what does your Warrantee cover?
    All equipment is equipped with a 24-month warrantied minimal period unless stated otherwise, HOWEVER we will be obliged to charge a callout to uninstall and reinstall failed components. All warrantees of equipment & work will be null and void if worked on by a third party unauthorised by The Electric fence Company unless specified otherwise Equipment is not warrantied against electrical power surges, lightning, and damage to external wiring by vermin or insects, incorrect usage, damage resulting from battery leakage, floods, riots, wars ,acts of God and general abuse. We offer extended warrantees on our SLA agreements, please contact us for further information on Service level agreements.
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