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About our company

THE ELECTRIC FENCE COMPANY is a Cape Town Based Company it was established to complement our other security business through the demand of our existing clients

The Electric Fence Company is a division of Retrospective Trading, with 27+ years’ experience in installing electric fencing, initialised in 1994 in Gauteng when the fencing industry was in its infancy & was established to inhibit crime.

The Electric Fence Company specialises in the design and implementation of security systems, we have evolved into a multi-faceted security business, best-known for our high quality products & workmanship

The Electric Fence Company has gained more than 20+ years of field experience in the perimeter security. Handling some of the most demanding & sophisticated projects which involved harsh topographic areas.
We have developed cutting edge products and have continually been extending our innovated product line, using high technological skills and technical know-how capabilities.
The research & investment in new technologies has enabled The Electric Fence Company. to offer its customers the very best in security solutions.


What Our Objectives are

Our objective is to consult with, and ascertain the individual security related needs of each client, and to offer a unique and professional solution through intensive research.With our wealth of experience, we can guide and advise you in the development and execution of a system that will suit your needs.

The Electric Fence Co. is dedicated to supplying the latest and most innovative technology available, we make recommendations based on quality and compatibility, we are not prepared to associate ourselves with products that do not adhere to our stringent standards.
The Electric Fence Company. undertakes all projects, from basic requirements to complete security installations. We are committed to providing technical support, training and related services, the supply of spare parts/manuals, on site training, and any future upgrades.
With competitive prices, professional and impartial advice, The Electric Fence Company is the most comprehensive solution for a secure answer.

To achieve our objective we have built a team that is committed to providing an unrivaled service, and technologically advanced products.
We are based in Cape Town but our operation can be supported without geographical restriction; we can provide any solutions for anyone, anywhere.

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